I’m Finally Able To Breathe Again, Knowing My Dog Can Rest Easy! 

How This “Reversible” Dog Bed Cured My Anxious Dog Of Depression & Saved Us Thousands Of Dollars In Vet Bills

Calling all Pup Parents – Does your dog…

… Shake nervously

… Howl during the day 

… Whine or whimper uncontrollably

… Struggle to fall asleep at night

… Destroy furniture 

… Follow you around the house 24/7

Well, then believe it or not, your dog probably has some form of Anxiety. I always thought my dog was restless because he’s an energetic breed, but I discovered he has critical separation anxiety.

With 72.5% of ALL dogs exhibiting mild signs of anxiety, most dog owners never realize their dogs are suffering in silence.

Trouble falling asleep. Ripping up furniture or chewing through their bed. Moping around all day long. And even excessive sleeping… 

These are all signs that your dog needs your help.

But – if you’re reading this – you’re already one step closer to learning about the secret way you can help your dog live a happier & healthier life.

If you’ve ever had a strange feeling that there’s something off with your dog, then you need to trust your instinct! 

If your dog waits for you at the window and freaks out for over 5 minutes after getting home, then that is a clear indicator that they may have had a very stressful day.

Separation anxiety is the most common form of anxiety in dogs. The most common symptoms include:

Stuck to your side 24/7…

Excessive breathing, licking or panting…

Restlessly moving around the room…

Or whining for your attention…

I used to think that my dog was just “super happy to see me” when I got home from work. I never even thought that he could be suffering from something as serious as anxiety.

What Are The 4 Common Types Of Anxiety In Dogs?

There are actually 4 different types of anxiety that your dog may have and it’s important to know the difference.


This is when your dog is extremely attached to a specific person or object. They may show this form of anxiety through aggressive behavior, cowering in corners, or panting excessively when this person or object is not around.


This is when a dog is visibly uncomfortable around other people/dogs or in an unfamiliar place. They may hide behind your legs or act uncharacteristically mean. These instances can have everlasting effects if not treated.


This is when a dog barks erratically or cowers in fear when they hear loud noises. Typical noises include garbage trucks, neighbors, lightning, and the occasional creak of older homes.


This is the “silent anxiety” that happens to dogs who aren’t normally anxious. This is when a dog becomes anxious after falling ill or becoming susceptible to some type of disease – Common cold, Pre-Diabetes, Arthritis, etc.

Do any of these stand out to you? 

Do you think your pup may have some form of anxiety?

If so… don’t worry, there is hope…

But, before I give you the #1 way to help relieve your dog of anxiety, I need to fill you in on…

What Are The Common Solutions To Relieve Dogs Of Anxiety?

Going to the vet is always the first step in diagnosing your dog with any kind of health related issue… But at the end of the day, anxiety is one of those issues that’s difficult to diagnose.

The most common solution that any dog health expert will recommend is to purchase some kind of anxiety-relieving supplement… While this CAN work, there are several reasons why I would NOT recommend trying this from the get-go.

To recap, supplements CAN help… But overall, they shouldn’t be the first thing you try when aiming to help your dog with anxiety.

What you want is a permanent, sustainable way to help keep your dog calm…

Something that will help reduce your dog’s restless energy…

A solution that makes your dog feel safe & secure while you’re not around to comfort them…

So, now begs the question:

How Do I Relieve My Dog Of Anxiety, Save Money In Future Vet Bills & Help My Dog Live The Happiest Life Possible?

Here’s the secret solution that saved my dog from a lifetime of anxiety: The Reversible Dog Bed.

If you haven’t seen this amazing new dog bed floating around the internet… you’re DEFINITELY in the right place now!

Here are 5 reasons why this bed will transform your dog’s life.

#1: Anxiety Reducing Fur

This bed was created using silky soft, faux fur that resembles a momma pup’s warm belly. The donut shaped bed lets your dog curl up into a tight ball or nest into the sides. 

The Reversible Bed gives dogs their own safe & secure place to feel relaxed… Have you ever seen a bed that looks THIS comfy?

I know I haven’t…

#2:  Premium Cushioning For Joint Support

It shouldn’t surprise you that normal dog bed companies fill their dog beds as if they were flimsy head pillows… This bed is different.

Filled with human-grade mattress filling, this bed supports your dog’s joints better than any dog cushion on the market. The raised edges give pups a head rest that helps relieve pressure off their necks and spines.

In all honesty, I’ve almost fallen asleep snuggling my dog in this bed…

#3: “Indestructible” Cover For Destructive Dogs

The number 1 problem with “comfy” dog beds is that they’re TOO easy to rip apart. But that’s why this bed is so amazing…

This dog bed is the first to create a two-sided, reversible cover that helps protect the bed from destructive damage. 

While your dog is going through the process of becoming less anxious, this bed gives you the peace of mind knowing they won’t rip it to shreds.

One less thing you have to worry about!

#4: Prevents Bacteria Build-Up & Stinky Odors 

How many times have you given your dog a bath, just to have them rub their bodies all over a stinky, smelly bed?

The reversible cover is removable & 100% machine washable. This helps prevent illness-induced anxiety while keeping your living room smelling fresh.

Say goodbye to bacteria build-up and hello to a smiley, fresh-smelling pup!

#5: One Size Fits All – No-Hassle Sizing

Everyone hates when they buy the wrong size and have to go through the hassle of returning something they WISH fit… But not with this bed!

The super-wiz designers at Fetch Forever made this bed for dogs 100 lbs or under

Smaller dog breeds – Frenchies, Dachshunds, Mini doodles – love the extra space to stretch. Larger dogs – Labradors, Huskies, and even Great Dane pups – feel safe and secure being able to wrap up in a ball.

So, unless your dog is over 100 lbs, this bed is perfect for your dog!

Where Can I Get “The Reversible Dog Bed” To Rescue My Dog From Anxiety?

After finally accepting that my dog truly needed me to help make him feel better, I went ahead and got him his own Reversible Bed… And it’s the best investment I’ve ever made for my dog’s health.

This dog bed did everything it says it does AND more… Instead of wasting thousands of dollars in vet bills and lifelong supplement diets, all it took was a GOOD nights sleep (Ironic, isn’t it?)

The Reversible Dog Bed is absolutely a must-buy for anyone who loves their dog like family.

This bed combines anxiety-reducing fur & human-grade comfiness to truly help dogs conquer their nervous fears.

The best part about this bed is that you can use it literally anywhere: In your living room, in the backyard, traveling in the car, and even the great outdoors. 

I personally appreciate all the thought and care that went into making this bed… And so does my dog! 

The Reversible Bed is by far the most amazing dog product you could ever buy. Even if you absolutely hate it, Fetch Forever offers a 60-Day money back guarantee… So there’s no risk whatsoever.

You can check out this bed here and save $70 on your first order today. Even without the $70 promotion, I’d buy this in a HEARTBEAT.

Enjoy Free 3-5 day shipping while you anxiously wait for your dog’s new bed (Pun intended!).

Their customer support is amazing and not a single one of my friends – who’ve purchased their own Reversible Beds – have ever had an issue with them.

All in all, if you have a dog that shows even the SLIGHTEST signs of having anxiety, I urge you to check out this bed.

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